Letting go

No matter how much it may hurt, the memories we have will always stay with me. Both of us have change so much over the years. I know that this will most likely be the last good-bye and I promise I won’t cry. You probably think I am a fool and a corrupt person of this world and there is nothing I can say that will change that. I just want you to know that I have always cared about you, but that probably means nothing to you. Hopefully in another life thing can work out and things will be the same again. Good-bye old friend, the memories that we made will last ‘til the end.

Watch Dogs review

Hello everyone,
I have just got done playing one of UbiSoft’s games called Watch Dogs and it was freaking amazing. I do have to say that is predecessor Sleeping Dogs had a better story. But non-the-less Watch Dogs has an awesome story that will make you not want to put down the controller. I would have to give this game a 7.5-10.
This has been Watch Dogs review by GrandWizardGaming1.